Chairman Report 2022-23


It's been a very fast year. The Hong Kong Section had continued to serve members by organising and supporting various hybrid events to broaden our IT knowledge as well as encouraging members to gain professional registration to different public registers available in this AI age. Please note the new SFIA 9 will be published in 2024 with new skills such as AI Integration, Creative Tech, Digital Health and Operational Technology for Industry 4.0 blends IT and OT and with impact for SFIA in areas such as Cybersecurity and Edge Computing.


One of milestones we have recently achieved is the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government has released the scarce talent list which BCS members are included. Three BCS qualifications (FBCS, MBCS CITP and MBCS) are matched corresponding professional titles (Associate Senior Engineer and Intermediate Engineer) in Shanghai respectively. This is particularly practical for members who would like to work in China, our qualifications and experience are now recognised officially.


This year, we had resumed the Annual Dinner. We are very delighted to have BCS Group CEO Rashik Parmar MBE to give us a welcoming greeting and Professor Guo, Yike, the provost of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to be our Guest of Honour and delivered the keynote speech with a very hot topic of When Art Meets AI.


Thank you to the Executive Committee and Honorary Advisors for their contributions and advice. We are keeping a very close relationship to BCS in UK and industry partners to get more benefits from our membership. We shall continue to be a super connector to expand our presence to more places and making IT good for society.


Yours sincerely,

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Ir Tom Chung CITP CEng MBCS

Chairman, BCS (Hong Kong Section)


Chairman Report 2021-22


In the past year, the Section had explored a few new developments locally such as introducing BCS and SFIA to the HR community, organised joint events with other industries and presented in sizeable Education & InnoTech Expos; collaborated with more like-minded people and demonstrated how BCS members are "Making IT good for society".


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We resumed physical events with hybrid modes that available not just virtual & physical but overseas too. Moreover, they got promoted in BCS global event page and some of them got fully sponsored. In particular, we organised events for members in advance of new law is ordered and public service is launched such as Small Unmanned Aircraft workshop for SUA Order (Cap.448G), Free-flow Tolling System in Hong Kong, Infrastructure-as-Code workshop, Tips on hunting your new job, Visit to a large R&D centre and Happy Hour Networking with IT & Industry professionals.


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In addition, we collected members’ feedback and voiced out in the public consultation of LegCo and got further enquiry on IT professional qualification standards. Thanks so much to the Executive Committee and Honorary Advisors, we are continuing to get more benefits from our membership and professional qualifications as well as contributing our efforts to develop Hong Kong into an international innovation and technology hub.

Yours sincerely,


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Ir Tom Chung CITP CEng MBCS

Chairman, BCS (Hong Kong Section)


Chairman Report 2020-21


Dear Fellow Members,


It is my honour to present my report to you on the affairs of the Hong Kong Section for the captioned membership year. In midst of persisting COVID-19 pandemic the Section has continued to organise most of the

events online by means of webinar and video conferencing, opening opportunities for overseas members to participate.


The Hong Kong Section has sustained a close connection with the UK via mutual collaboration. Our committee members have joined the endeavours of various working groups, brainstorming sessions and conferences organised by the UK, contributing opinions and ideas from international sections perspectives.


One of the key objectives for both BCS and the Hong Kong Section is to increase engagements from our young members. This year the Section has resumed organising the Mentorship Programme as our flagship. Thanks to 30 technology industry leaders who agreed to become our mentors, they are matched with 90 mentees from 9 tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. During the match up period, mentees are expected to gain valuable insights and career guidance from their mentors. In addition, several face-to-face gathering events will be organised soon, to further facilitate the communications and bonding between mentors and mentees.


In a rising trend of Web 3.0 and metaverse, the Section has organised a webinar on Blockchain and NFT on October 25, 2021. We have invited Mr. Kevin Lee, Founder and CEO of Redspots Creative, to introduce the phenomena of non-fungible tokens (NFT), cryptocurrencies and the future of metaverse.


The startup ecosystem is also a key area of concerns for the Section this year. On November 6, 2021, we have co-organised a startup sharing session with Hong Kong Cyberport. The event gave a brief introduction about the Cyberport Incubation Programme, and an experience sharing from RISKflo Asia Limited.


On November 12, 2021, we co-organised a drone programming introduction class with International Unmanned Aircraft Systems Association and shared a simulated flight experience and an introduction to CDP-C



This is also an extraordinary year that both Vice Chairman Mr. Tom Chung and myself have visited the UK Headquarters in Swindon on two separate occasions. Respectively we have met with the Head of Membership Ms. Holly Potter and Head of International Onboarding Mr. Stephen Tweed, the meetings were unprecedently constructive that introduced clarity and a more trusting relationship between the Headquarters and the Section.


Following the meetings there was a mutual understanding to develop BCS professional qualifications and trainings in Hong Kong and Greater China region, with existing network and resources, the Section and myself can play a substantial role in its facilitation. It is my honour to report that I have been invited by BCS Learning and Development Limited to take up an advisory role and will hence retire from my capacity in the Hong Kong Section.


Throughout the year the Section has acted as supporting organisation for several events from other professional societies in Hong Kong. We believe in solidarity that by joining together the industry can excel in



Looking forward BCS (Hong Kong Section) will continue to advocate professionalism in technology, with a tight bond with China we shall explore closer collaborations and opportunities with the Greater Bay Area. More events and contents will be made online via live webinars and videos on social media, progressively we shall achieve a healthy, compact, and scalable technology community in Hong Kong.


It has been an honour serving as Section Chairman over the course of two years. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our Committee Members for their contribution, and I wish the Section every success in the years to come.


Yours sincerely,


Peter CM Choi, MBCS

Chairman (2020-21)

BCS (Hong Kong Section)