Chairman Report 2017-18


Dear Fellow Members,


It is my pleasure to present my report to you on the affairs of our Hong Kong Section for the year under review.


Our Section had held our Annual Dinner on 1 June 2018 with over 200 members, guests, Government officers and friends of ICT sector attended. The annual dinner provided a happy gathering of fellow members, Government officers, senior executives and CIOs of larger corporation, professionals in ICT sector, including Hong Kong and China, and academic leaders of territories institutions. This provides BCS, being a well-known organization with professional standing, the opportunities to be a prominent organisation amongst ICT sector in this area.


In the annual dinner, it is our honour to have Mr. Willy Lin SBS JP, Chairman of Hong Kong Productivity Council to be our Guest of Honour, who delivered a speech on "Industry 4.0" which enlightened the attendees on the development of Industry 4.0.


On 22 May, 2018, our Section had organized a technical visit to Shenzhen visiting DJI 大彊深圳展示廳, Tencent (騰迅), Evoc Group (研祥智能科技) and Kingdee Software (金碟軟件).and had a dinner co-organised with 深圳市計算機用戶協會 and supported by 2 other associations in Shenzhen. The visit enlightened members with the current developments on application of I. T. in this area and meeting our friends and members of these associations.


On 21 July 2018, our Section had also organised a technical visit to Tesla Service Centre which enable our members to understand the charging of electricity to electric motor cars, which would be the future trend of motor cars.


On 7 December, 2018, Professor K.F. Wong had given a talk in a seminar co-organised with VTC on Technology Development Trend of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which provided members and students ofVTC on AI development trends.


Our Section had also been supporting organization on several events organized by other associations, government departments, etc. Details can be referred to our Newsletters on our website.


Our fellow members and Executive Committee members have also attended several functions of other associations, Consortiums, etc. in Hong Kong and Shenzhen to have presence in the ICT sector in Hong Kong and China.


With the new innovation and advancement in technology, it would be of a need to update ourselves on these new technologies. Our Section will organise or acting as supporting organisation for fellow members to have the opportunities to understand and participate in these new needs.


Thanks to our fellow members and Committee Members to participate in the vartous functions, seminars and supported events. Particularly, I must take this opportunity to thank our Committee Members for their contributions and efforts put in the events of our Section making them very successful. Looking forward to the continuous support of our fellow members in the future.



Yours sincerely,



Chairman (2017-2018)

BCS (Hong Kong Section)