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In 1990, a group of enthusiastic and respected BCS members have observed the need to create a platform to unite and communicate with the members in Hong Kong, and to create a professional presence for HQ. The idea was well supported by BCS HQ and the Section was successfully incorporated on 7th May 1991.


Since then, the Section has organized many activities and gathering for the members. The Section has also actively participated in the public and invited consultation of ICT related matters initiated by the Government.


The Section has also been active in the ICT community and has participated in many ICT Events in the past years. It has maintained a very close and mutually respected relationship with other ICT professional bodies within Hong Kong and China.

Currently, there are about 1,000 members attached to the Section.


Vision Statement

  • Our vision is to see professionalism deep-rooted in our members, and it is well reflected in their behaviors and the work they produce.


Mission Statement

  • The Section will work closely with BCS HQ and the members of the Section to move towards the Vision.
  • The Section will facilitate the members to develop and upkeep professionalism.
  • The Section will find ways to facilitate the members to enhance their ICT competence and continuous professional development.
  • The Section will facilitate a platform for the members to network amongst themselves and other practitioners in the ICT community.
  • The Section will play an active role to contribute to the ICT community in Hong Kong and China.