BCS (Hong Kong Section) Mentorship Programme 2021-22 - Build up your ICT career, starting now



The British Computer Society (Hong Kong Section) was established in 1990 as a local representation of BCS in Hong Kong. The Section has been active in the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) community and has participated in many ICT Events in the past years. It has maintained a very close and mutually respected relationship with other ICT professional bodies within Hong Kong and China.


The BCS Mentorship Programme 2021-22 being organised by BCS (HKS) welcomes all tertiary education students or fresh graduates under ICT related curriculum.



  1. To provide ICT students and fresh graduates with opportunities of better understanding of current business environment and future career development by meeting senior ICT professionals from different industries;
  2. To provide mentees with more exposure to different ICT fields (e.g. software development, network infrastructure, ICT Operations Management, Cybersecurity, etc) as well as guidance to shape their professional development;
  3. To nurture a new generation of ICT professionals and promote sustainable development of ICT industry in Hong Kong.



  1. Acquire up-to-date information about today’s working environment and ICT industry
  2. Receive guidance about career planning and professional development
  3. Obtain a Certificate of Accomplishment upon completion of this programme


Programme Period

September 2021 – August 2022



Please apply via our online application form as follow:

Hyperlink: https://goto.bcs.org.hk/mentorship2021


Deadline: 15 October 2021

Announcement to Applicants: End of October 2021 by Email



  • Regular Meetings with Assigned Mentor
  • Networking Hours with Mentors and Guests
  • Seminars
  • Corporate Visits
  • External Activities



University / Tertiary institutions ICT students / Fresh Graduates


Completion of the Programme

A Certificate of Accomplishment will be awarded to mentees who have satisfied the following requirements :


Attend a corporate visit / networking hour / seminar; and

Attend at least 2 mentorship meetings directly with your mentor



Enquiry: mentorship@bcs.org.hk 

Telephone: 3611 9983


  • BCS Mentorship Programme Committee

    Chairman Ir Tom CHUNG
    Members Mr. Joseph LAW
      Mr. Herbert LEUNG
      Ir Stephen HAU
      Mr. Edward LO
      Mr. Thomas YUEN

BCS Mentorship Programme 2021-22 Mentors

  • Mr. Ernest CHAN - President, ISACA China Hong Kong Chapter
  • Mr. Eddy CHEN - Director, MSYSTEM.COM.HK Limited
  • Mr. Gary CHENG - Honorary Deputy Secretary, Hong Kong Information Technology Joint Council
  • Mr. Frank CHOW - Vice-Chairperson, Professional Information Security Association
  • Mr. Chi Wing KONG - Chairman, Information and Software Industry Association
  • Mr. Joseph LAW - Vice Chairman, Hong Kong United Youth Science and Technology Association
  • Dr. Wendy LEE - Regional Manager, HK & Macau, Autodesk
  • Mr. WAI Yee Jan - Past Hon Treasurer, Hong Kong Information Technology Joint Council
  • Mr. Jefferson WAT - Vice Chairman, Industry Development, Information & Software Industry Association
  • Mr. Rambo YU - Managing Director, APower Holdings Limited
  • Mr. Karel Au - CIO, Autotoll Limited
  • Mr. Eric Moy - CEO, KBQuest Group Inc.
  • Mr. Andy Kwong - Director of Cybersecurity and Principal Consultant, Global Technology Integrator Ltd.
  • Ir Stephen Hau - IT Director, Artmax Management Limited
  • Mr. Anson Cheung - Founder and CEO, EcCargo.com Limited
  • Mr. Raymond Ng - System Analyst, Chinese Estates Holdings Limited
  • Mr. William Lo - General Manager, Nutech Ltd.
  • Dr. Alex Li - CEO, BizCONLINE Ltd.
  • Mr. Eu Jin Ho - Head of Technology, Citibank Hong Kong

BCS Mentorship Programme 2021-22 Mentees

  • XXX

(All names are listed in alphabetical order)

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